Yeongjin Kim

Assistant Professor 

​학부 연구생, 석사과정, 및 박사과정 학생  상시 모집중에 있습니다.  (

We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate students (MS, PhD) and postdoctoral researchers to join our research group. Please send a full CV via email to (

Post-Doctoral position in Robotics

Post-Doctoral position in Robotics is available immediately for a collaborative project (developing hand prosthetics, drone)between KEPCO, POSCO, and Cha hospital.

Candidate must have expertise in Robotics or coding (deep-learing preferred) to apply.

Application package: Interested candidate should submit the following by email in a single PDF file to Prof. Kim (

  1.  Curriculum vitae with a list of at least 2 references

  2. At least three papers which could be either published, accepted for publication, or in-preparation, which demonstrates expertise in the areas mentioned above

  3. Relevant courses taken during Ph.D. studies

  4. Doctoral dissertation topic and the expected date of graduation (for those who are currently pursuing a Ph.D.)

For more information about the research tab

Salary will be 3,000,000 krw ~ 4,000,000 depending on the experience.

Lab News

Alumni update (Jul - 12 - 2021) 

Yejin - Samsung Electronics Co.  Ltd.

Daeyun -University of  Florida

Paper Publication (2021)

An Intubation Catheter Integrated with Flow Sensors and Smart Actuators for Characterizing Airflow Patterns in Stenosed Trachea: An Objective Guide for CAO Management,  (Co-corresponding author)

 Quantification and prediction of liquid metal embrittlement cracks in resistance spot welds using industrial X-ray computed tomography and machine learning, Welding in the World (Co-corresponding author)​

 Design, modeling and evaluation of a millimeter-scale SMA bending actuator with variable length, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures (Co-corresponding author,  accepted)


 Rigidity characterization of inflatable material by using dual stretchable capacitive sensors for erectile dysfunction, IJPEM, 2020 (corresponding author, accpeted)